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Role: Consultant implementing ERP Systems
Profile: IT Students, Computer Science, Information Technology, English
 Software Implementation Internship Stage Praktikum Mauritius

Software Implementation Internship Stage Praktikum Mauritius

Software Implementation Internship Stage Praktikum Mauritius


IM  AA 1123 – Software Implementation Internship Stage Praktikum Mauritius

The company was founded in 1994 at a time when little professional help was available in business systems consulting for small and medium size enterprises. 15 years later and after a long struggle the company has built a reputation of delivering first quality managerial and technical service. Today, larger companies are soliciting their help for the automation of their accounting departments in Mauritius.
Today over 700 companies have adopted the Software (ERP, Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, CRM etc) for its simplicity and affordability backed by very high professional help.

1. Totally committed to customer satisfaction
2. Extensive training on the job is provided to all staff
3. Strong team spirit
4. Currently they offer one of the best and most appropriate set of solutions to companies for the computerisation of their Finance & Accounting systems as well as their business process in Mauritius.
5. Work methodology is based on 25 years of experience (mostly overseas) acquired by management and adapted to the local requirements.
6. Specialises in the finance and accounting field of IT and prefers to create joint ventures with other IT companies as necessary.

Duties and responsibilities of Consultants
1. Acquire knowledge of the product
2. Assist senior consultants in their implementing activities of Accounting and ERP systems.
3. Assist the support team in solving customer queries and problems
4. Develop the right communication skills with staff members and clients
5. Acquire as much technical knowledge through formal training and self learning

Methodology used
Normally the Sales and Marketing department will follow the customer until the quotation is approved. Once they receive the approval, the following steps are followed:
1. Finalize team members for the implementation
2. Gather information of actual system to prepare the Business Process Analysis
3. Map the information gathered and finalize the way forward
4. Agree of proposed solution with customer
5. Prepare implementation and training plan accordingly
6. Kick off the implementation
7. Steering committee to closely monitor the implementation
8. Sign off of project.

These are the main tools that they are actually using and any input from the student will be considered:
1. FastTrack Schedule 9 – Planning and monitoring of projects
2. Microsoft Excel – Reporting purpose (Business Intelligence)
3. Microsoft Visio – Workflow diagram
4. Microsoft SQL Server – Database management and queries
5. Microsoft Word – Business Process Analysis

The student will be working as consultant.