Step by Step Process


How can I use the services of Alumno Astralis?
The best way is to contact us by e-mail, see our contact page. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours (2 working days). We will send you our Contact Form and ask you for your Complete CV in English.
What is the approach of Alumno Astralis?
Alumno Astralis operates in 10 steps as follows:

  1. The student puts forward a CV and Contact Form detailing the internship period and the discipline or sector. The CV, in WORD, will contain all the subjects, relevant work experience and a recent professional photograph.
  2. We will send our procedure to the student with all the services that we offer. Our main 3 services are: organising your internship, your residence permit (visum) and your housing in Mauritius.
  3. We will schedule a conversation with a member of the staff of Alumno Astralis to go through your CV and Contact Form and to allow you to ask any questions that you may have. This conversation usually takes place via Skype and takes up to 30 minutes.
  4. After this intake conversation we will send you our terms & conditions. We will also ask you to make a down payment at this stage. Once we have received your down payment we will start our work for you in Mauritius.
  5. We start contacting relevant companies that suit the discipline and the wishes of the institute and of the student. Alumno Astralis will make an effort to make a suitable match between the request of the student and the offer of the company. We will have meetings with the companies that are interested in your profile. The internship search may take time; it is difficult to give an exact estimation. It may be that the company requires additional information from the candidate. At times the companies also request an interview.
  6. Once the internship is confirmed, we will start arranging your Residence Permit at the Passport and Immigration Office in Port Louis, Mauritius. This will take around 4 weeks from the date of application.
  7. Also, we will advise you regarding the airlines that fly to Mauritius.
  8. Moreover, we will assist you in getting the correct health insurance, travel insurance and liability insurance for the duration of your stay in Mauritius.
  9. We will organize your housing in student accommodation and will send you pictures of the housing proposed.
  10. Once we get your residence permit, we will email it to you in order to get your clearance at the Airport Immigration of Mauritius on your arrival.
You are now ready to fly to Mauritius!
Once in Mauritius, you will be collected from the airport and will be taken to your accommodation, at a fixed cost. A member of staff of Alumno Astralis will accompany you to your internship company, when possible.

You are now ready to start your Internship in Mauritius!