Role: Project Management Construction Industry
Profile: Building Engineering, Civil Engineering

This is an internship in project management for construction sites. The student will work alongside the project manager, to manage the building site on behalf of the client.

Role: Involved in Project Management
Profile: Civil Engineering, Building Engineering, English

Working alongsinde de project manager at the building site in Mauritius.

Role: Engineering of Construction Sites
Profile: Building & Civil Engineering Students; Architecture; & Urban Design Students

Internship Construction Company Mauritius We have options at several big construction companies, working on site. Our students are involved in the construction of holiday resorts, shopping malls and office towers. We also have options at construction engineering companies, where archtitects could be working as well. In these construction companies real-estate students are welcome, to work on the sales & marketing side. Also, urban design students would be needed.

Role: Building the new business model through research on local context and international context
Profile: Real Estate Students, Urban Design Students, Construction Students, Facility Management Students, Architecture Students

[caption id="attachment_2347" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Real Estate Internship, Stage, Praktikum Golf Resort Mauritius[/caption]     IM AA - 1002 Real Estate Internship, Stage, Praktikum Golf Resort Mauritius This is in internship in a brand new property development in Mauritius. The role of the intern: Building the new business model through research on local context and international context Establishing risk areas in the business and development model Establishing the ideal phases of development   IM AA  - 1002 Stage Real Estate Golf…

Role: The student will work in the engineering department of this engineering firm, working on a civil engineering project.
Profile: Building & Civil Engineering, Architecture & Mehanical Engineering Students, Urban Design

[caption id="attachment_1489" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Civil Engineering Internship, Stage, Praktikum Mauritius[/caption]   IM AA 1004 - Civil Engineering Internship, Stage, Praktikum Mauritius The student will work in the engineering department of this engineering firm, working on a civil engineering project. The project will consist of the following: site clearance earthworks - cuts and fills road construction – starting from subgrade to laying of asphalt roundabout construction on roads stone walls drain construction water reservoir construction excavation of trenches for laying of…

Role: Being involved in the planning of new housing schemes in Mauritius
Profile: Construction Student, Civil Engineering Student, Real Estate Student, Facility Management Student, Urban Design Student, Architect Student

[caption id="attachment_2435" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Internship,Stage,Praktikum Project Development Mauritius[/caption]   Internship,Stage,Praktikum Project Development Mauritius   IM AA 1024 - Internship,Stage,Praktikum Project Development Mauritius The student will be working in the development department of this Project Development Company. involved in quality surveys involved in cost estimation learning about the cost of construction understanding the negotiation process exposed to local conditions and requirements in Mauritius This Project Development Company also needs Real Estate Students to promote their projects.   IM AA 1024 -…

Role: Assist with a new Important Property Development Project in Mauritius
Profile: Urban Planning / Land Use Planning / Architect / Real Estate Students South Coast

Urban Planners Land Use Planners Architects Real Estate Developers 1. Urban Planner / Land Use Planner : a. Help formulate plans for development and management of identified areas b. Analyse land use compatibility as well as economic, environmental and social trends c. Evaluate sustainability issues (traffic, social, land values, legislation and zoning) d. Assist in planning for residential/commercial/industrial/recreational/natural zones e. Use of software such as AutoCAD and others (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) 2. Architect a. Help in the design of buildings…