Role: Guest Relations
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, English, Native Russian, Native German, Native Spanish

This resort looks for students for their guest relations department, that can help assist the guests of the hotel either in native Russian, in native German or in native Spanish. These internships are available the whole year round.

Role: Involved HACCP process
Profile: Facility Management, Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, French

This hotel is implementing HACCP and is looking for a student that can help with the implementation and improvement of the quality of the hotel.

Role: Assistant Sales Manager
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, Business, Event Management, French

The internship focuses on selling events to the local market for dinners, drinks, presentations and conferences for local companies. The student will work alongside the sales manager.

Role: Helping in the operation a modern hospital in Mauritius
Profile: Facility Management

This is a new hospital that has been operating for several years. The student will assist the operation manager with day to day operations.

Role: Participating in daily activities in Diet / Kitchen / Housekeeping Department
Profile: Facility Management

The student will work in the kitchen department of the hospital and learn about the running of a kitchen in the medical sector.

Role: Involved in the daily activities of the Housekeeping & Rooms Division Department & improving communication between these two departments
Profile: Facility Management, Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School

The student works on managerial level and will find ways to improve the housekeeping of the hotel. How to work quicker, more efficient, more customer friendly etc.

Role: Organising Events and Trade Fairs
Profile: Leisure Management / Facility Management, English, and another European language

This is a company that organises various tradefairs every year in Mauritius and abroad. You will be involved in the organisation of these fairs and will be able to learn hands on.

Role: Improve the quality of the operations
Profile: Tourism , English, and another European language

The student will be looking how to improve the quality of the services of this tour operator by analyzing the complaints of its customers. The student will be involved in the implementation as well.

Role: Personal Assistant
Profile: Business, Logistics, English, French

The student will be working as the personal assistant of the logistics manager of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Mauritius. This way the student will be actively involved in all day to day logistics operations of the company. French will be very helpful!

Role: Food & Beverages
Profile: Tourism, Hotel Management, English, French

This hotel has 4 restaurants, 2 bars and a banqueting department. You will be learning how to operate a F&B Department and you will be working alongside the F&B Manager.