Role: Sales & Marketing of the company's products in Europe
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism Management

This companies organises sport events in Mauritius for clients in Europe. They have many running events that are being sold to customers in France, UK, Germany, Holland etc. This company sells the event + hotel + flight to the participants and the student is involved in the marketing, promotion and organisation.

Role: Involved in Export to Europe
Profile: Media & Entertainment Management

This company organises big weddings, pop concerts and other big events in Mauritius. They also manage the sound and lighting equipment for the events. The student is involved in the organisation of the events as assistant to the event producer. There will be also sales to the overseas customers.

Role: Being involved in receiving corporate groups from Europe
Profile: Leisure Management, Event Management

The student will work in the Incentive Department of one of the leading tour operators in Mauritius. The department sells incentive travel to mainly European Corporate Customers. The student will learn about all the tourist events in Mauritius.

Role: Develop new tours
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, Event Management

Being involved in organising new eco tourism activities in Mauritius.

Role: Marketing
Profile: Leisure Management / Facility Management / Tourism, English and other European Language

This is an internship at the Mauritius Office of an airline. You will be involved in marketing this airline to clients in Mauritius.

Role: Day to day activities
Profile: Leisure Management / Facility Management / Tourism, English, French, Russian, German, Spanish

Being involved in day to day acitivites at one of the leading Inbound Tour Operator Companies in Mauritius. All tourism languages are welcome, the more languages the better.

Role: Organising Events and Trade Fairs
Profile: Leisure Management / Facility Management, English, and another European language

This is a company that organises various tradefairs every year in Mauritius and abroad. You will be involved in the organisation of these fairs and will be able to learn hands on.

Role: Improve the quality of the operations
Profile: Tourism , English, and another European language

The student will be looking how to improve the quality of the services of this tour operator by analyzing the complaints of its customers. The student will be involved in the implementation as well.

Role: Reception
Profile: Tourism, English, French, German

Working in the reception and learning about all the operations of the hotel.

Role: Reception / Guest Relations
Profile: Tourism, English, French, Italian

This is specially for students that speak Italian and that can deal with the Italian customers of the resort.