Role: Back office export sales
Profile: Business, English, and another European language

This is an internship in one of the companies of a textile group. You will be working either for a knitwear company or for a shirt manufacturer, dealing with the customers in Europe and in the USA.

Role: Involved in national & international communication strategy
Profile: Communication & Marketing students

Internship Communication Department Fashion Company This internship is at one of the well established Fashion Brands in Mauritius. The student will work alongside the Communication Manager on national and international campaigns. The brand has its own shops and has to communicate its brand and collections to the end consumers.

Role: Marketing Support to the Marketing Team / General Manager
Profile: Commercial / Small Business / SME Management / Marketing / International Business Students

[caption id="attachment_2338" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Textile Company Mauritius[/caption]   Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Textile Company Mauritius IM AA 1107 Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Textile Company Mauritius This factory produces knitted garments, such as t-shirts, polo's and tops. Garments for men, ladies, boys, girls and babies & mostly for the European markets. 1. Update of website 2. Upgrade of catalogue with all new products with photos and codes are to be made. 3. Classification of all products as per…