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    Derk Barlagen (Groningen, Netherlands)

    Mauritius is great the people are nice, the weather is always perfect. However, I’m here for my internship. Alumno Astralis arranged a internship in the event business. It is a small company, so there is enough to learn from every one. The language is sometimes a barrier (they speak French). Nevertheless, the weekends are there to have a little party and spend the next hangover day at the best beaches on the island. Mauritius is a island for people that like adventure. When you are ready, try it.

    Marcel Molenhuis (Groningen, Netherlands)

    Mauritius is fairly unknown in Europe but wow what a great island it is! There is so much to discover, very friendly people and of course always nice weather! It’s also a good party island during the weekends. Alumno Astralis arranged my internship in the various department of a 5* hotel in Port Louis and i had a great time. There are so many oppertunities for internships on Mauritius. Im very glad i took the chance to come to Mauritius, it was an experience i will never forget!

    Nadia Visser (Deventer, Netherlands)

    My internship in Mauritius was amazing! The little island I’d never heard of turned out to be a sparkling diamond in the sea filled with wonderful people, amazing views, delicious food… and with an internship that was suited for me and my education in Finance, the picture was complete! I can definitely recommend it!

    Dagmar Sucova (Plzen / Amsterdam, Czech Republic)

    Mauritius is one of the most beautiful places I´ve ever been to and my internship there turned out to be really wonderful experience. The island has so much to offer and after spending five great months there I will definitely come back. For most of the people Mauritius means only beautiful sandy beaches and luxurious resorts but there is so much more to discover!I think everybody will find their favorite activity,whether they want to relax, discover the nature or go partying. The people of Mauritius are so kind and friendly that you immediately feel at home.Alumno Astralis helped me to find absolutely perfect internship, for my education Tourism & Recreation Management, and they arranged everything for me. I would definitely recommend to anybody to go to Mauritius and experience this amazing island.Czech:Mauricius je jedno z nejkrasnejsich mist,ktere jsem kdy navstivila a moje staz byla pro mne opravdu nezapomenutelnou zkusenosti.Tento ostrov ma hodne co nabidnout a po uzasnych 5ti mesicich vim urcite,ze se chci jednou vratit. Pro vetsinu turistu Mauricius znamena hlavne nadherne piscite plaze a luxusni resorty,ale je toho mnohem vic co muze nabidnout.Myslim si,ze kazdy si najde to sve, at uz chce relaxovat na plazi, objevovat mistni prirodu nebo vyrazit na party. Lide na Mauriciu jsou tak mili a pratelsti,ze se okamzite citite jako doma.Alumno Astralis mi pomohlo najit perfektni staz a vse pro me zaridili. Rozhodne muzu kazdemu doporucit vyuzit prilezitosti a poznat tento nadherny ostrov.

    Lyuba (Moscow, Russia)

    I must say you ve created something very special for students and career minded people alike. What stands out to me the most, is how focused you are on “coaching and keeping in touch” with students during Internship program, this approach for sure not only helps to integrate into the program better but also helps to get out of possible awkward situations.I would for sure recommend your program to all career oriented students!I had months training for golf management and I am extremely pleased to tell you that I did not only gain new experience but also figured out precious and creative ideas for my line of work!

    Возможности такой программы уникальны для студентов и молодых людей признающих важность карьеры.Больше всего мне понравилось то, что студентов не бросают на произвол судьбы, а заботятся на протяжении всей программы, что позволяет быстрее интегрировать в среду и избежать возможных ошибок.
    Я довольна своим 3-месячным тренингом в области гольф- менеджмента на Маврикии.

    Christophe Sales (Bordeaux, France)

    Cette expérience sur l ile Maurice fut extrèmement enrichissante. Excellent stage et accueil de toute l équipe prise en charge parfaite de l agence à mon arrivée. Je remercie tout le monde de m avoir permis de vivre cette expérience.Les références concernant mon stage ont été transmise à mon école, l ECE Bordeaux.

    Judith de Haan (Emmen, Netherlands)

    I love Mauritius and I want to go back….That s what I told my friends who are living on this beautiful island. My internship for International Facility Management, was at the airport and it was great! A very interesting place. I was allowed to go to places were passengers are not allowed to come. During my stay, I lived between the Mauritian people. I took over their culture and addapted very quick. This island will always have a special place in my heart. The experience I received is something I will never forget. It was for sure the best time in my live and no doubt I will come back one day!

    Jessica Alink (Breda, Netherlands)

    Mauritius; the country of rich and diverse cultures landscapes and activities. Though a small & compact island, I had a grand stay, and the experiences are priceless. My greatest memories: making new friends, the fantastic food, the adorable Shisha and her naughty pups, and of course the fantastic weather!Finally: Even though I ran into numerous obstacles, I conquered them all and had a wicked time, for my Studies International Media & Entertainment Management, on Mauritius!

    Henk Groenewold (Groningen, Netherlands)

    Mauritius a small Island where in 1638, the Dutch established the first permanent settlement. And yes we ate the dodo..Approximately 400 years after the first human arrivals on the Island I started here my own little adventure, an internship at a beer brewery and coca cola bottler.Great experience, for my education Technology Management, on a really beautiful place, a leap forward in my personal knowledge and new friendships… Alumno Astralis, a company with a enthusiastic attitude with plenty connections on business side of the Island.Thanks again for the service! It was a great lovely time… Miss it!Kind regards,Henk, Hanze Hogeschool, Groningen

    Amit Alakhramsing (Delft, Netherlands)

    Mauritius was the best experience yet in my life. For my Studies Media & Entertainment Management I was intern @ an events company and it was perfect! Great events, weddings, live music events etc, build up my own network and every single day was an adventure..

    Malou Dijkman (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    What a great experience! I had the change to live on this beautiful Island for 4 months and I enjoyed every single moment of it! The people the weather, the mentality, the nature.. Just everything was SO great! Thanks to AlumnoAstralis, the hotel where I worked and all the people that I ve met, I will never forget this time!Kind regards,Malou DijkmanTio College, Amsterdam

    Anne Valkeman (Groningen, Netherlands)

    For my study Facility Management you have to do two internships one orientating to see how things are going in the work field, another as part of your graduation. When I had to start my orientating internship, I wanted to go as far away as possible. I really wanted to go abroad, to a place I won’t easily visit again or will visit in general. When the option Mauritius popped up, I focussed on arranging an internship on this island.My school already had worked before with Alumno Astralis, and I figured that they wouldn’t do that if they haven’t delivered any good work. So therefore I made contact with the bureau and I started to talk with Ralco. He arranged everything for me: my Housing (which was better than I could imagine!), my whole internship, my visa, my airport pick-up (which was really great and saved me a lot of searching) and the possibility to meet other students who were also working on the island.I wanted to go to the island; it didn’t really mattered to me what kind of internship I would be doing over there. I ended up working in a five star hotel. I worked together with the middle management, so I got to translate company policy to practical work assignments. In the beginning I didn’t really liked my internship, but when I look back, I had a good time and learned a lot. Of course, the environment I was living in helped a lot as well.I am really glad I went on an internship abroad. I have learned a lot, on a personal level as on a professional level. The internship gave me an opportunity to look abroad and I appreciated that so much I recommend it to anybody. And Alumno Astralis is a secure way to experience this!

    Krystel Joly (Nantes, France)

    Mauritius was completely AMAZING !!People are very friendly the landscapes are beautiful and the culture very different especially when you come from France ;)I did my internship, for my Marketing Studies, during 3 Months in the Marketing Department of one of the best company of the island : very interesting missions and people so welcoming…just perfect !!I will never forget this experience and it s definitely the best of my life.I will come back probably in few years.Thank you Alumno AstralisRegardsKrystel

    Krystel Joly (Nantes, France)

    L île Maurice est tout simplement un pays MAGNIFIQUE !!Les gens sont très aimable les paysages sont magnifiques et la culture tellement différente particulièrement quand on vient de France ;)J ai réalisé mon stage de 3 mois, pour mes études de Marketing, dans le Département Marketing d une des plus grandes entreprises de l île : des missions très intéressantes, des collègues super sympa et une très bonne prise en charge : juste parfait !!Je n oublierai jamais cette expérience et ce fût certainement la meilleure de ma vie. Dailleurs, j envisage probablement de revenir dans quelques années.Merci Alumno AstralisKrystel (ENC Business school)

    Olivier Puyal (Marseille, France)

    Bonne expérience très bon stage dans le service clientèle d un grand hôtel.Merci à l équipe d Almuno Astralis pour m avoir proposé un tel stage qui répondait à mes attentes.Good experience,very nice internship in the guest relation department of a luxury hotel.Thank you to the team of Almuno Astralis for finding me an internship that really went hand in hand with my expectations.

    Anton Lindeberg (Kaliningrad, Russia)

    The best experience in my life. This island people, nature…it s like a dream. You can t believe that it happened with you. Warm blue water,white sand, good work…everything is perfect! But for me it s the best experience to talk with guys from other countries. Now i missing this place every day. This is paradise island!Thank you Ralco…and Alumno Astralis!

    Если вы ещё раздумываете,стоит ли лететь в это райское местечко,то пакуйте чемоданы!! Это нереально красивое место…всё время чувствуешь что ты находишься в сказке!Я ни разу не пожалел что потратил деньги на эту поездку!!

    Richard Plange (Groningen, Netherlands)

    Mauritius was great! Lots of fun and gainful experiences and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’d recommend going here if you have the chance within the curriculum of your studies.Mauritius was top! Alle Nederlandse studenten kunnen een gedetailleerde omschrijving/verhaal vinden op

    Martin Giesbers (Tilburg, Netherlands)

    Mauritius was definitely the best experience I had in my life! I had an internship for my Studies International Marketing & Management, at worlds biggest security company and had a great time there. I felt welcome and people treated me as a colleague and not as “just an intern”.Mauritius itself is not big, but big enough to enjoy all of your weekends. During the weekends you can enjoy the beautiful white beaches or take a swim in the nice blue sea. Or do just like me, go scuba diving!If I ever get the opportunity to go back, I would definitely do it!Thank you Alumno Astralis Team Mauritius!!

    Yolanda G. (Zimbabwe)

    Ndinofara chaizvo kuti ndakadzidza kuMauritius. Dzidzo rwandakawana rwakandisiya ndakugona uye handimbokanganwi zvandakadzidziswa. Ndakadzidzira kubika a 3 star Hotel. Vashandi vese vakanditora semumwe wavo nyangwe ndangandiri mudzidzi. Ma Mauritians vane mwoyo wakanaka. Ndikanzi ndidzokere ndinodzokera ndichimhanya. Ndanga ndisingafungiri kuti ndaizodzidza Ku Mauritius asi ndakaenda. Ndinotenda Ralco na Shabeela. Vakandiitira zvese kuti zvibudirire. Ndinokuti MERCI BEAUCOUP kuna Ralco, Shabeela ne Alumno Astralis yese.I m so glad that I did my internship, for my Hotel Management Studies, in Mauritius. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. I did my internship in the Kitchen department at a 3 star Hotel(one of the nicest and cutest hotels I have ever seen). All of the staff respected and treated me as one of them. Mauritians are very kind people. given an opportunity, I would go back running. I created a bond with the staff that i was really sad that i was leaving. I never thought that I would ever work in Mauritius but I did. It s all thanks to Ralco and Shabeela. They did everything for me from looking for an internship for me, accomodation and trips thatthey provided for us. I would loveto say MERCI BEAUCOUP Ralco, Shabeela and the rest of the Alumno Astralis Team. You are the best!!!!!

    Bert Goyvaerts (Hasselt, Belgium)

    This internship in Mauritius was superb. Im back in Belgium for 3 months and every day I want to go back. The beautiful landscape white sand, crystalblue sea,… . I had to opportunity to do my internship at the national airport of Mauritius. It was really remarkable how friendly and kind the Mauritians are. Everyone becomes your friend and you wont feel lost for one moment. And here I have to thank Alumno Astralis for the excellent internship and accomodation. They handle everything very smoothly! To summarize: If you ever have the opportunity to go to Mauritius, dont hesitate a second, it will be the time of your live! Thanks everyone!Mijn stage in Mauritius was super mooi! Ik ben nu 3 maanden terug in het koude België en nog steeds wil ik elke dag terug! Het prachtige landschap, de witte stranden, de veel te blauwe zee,… Klinkt best goed e? Ik heb mijn stage op de luchthaven van Mauritius gedaan en ik hou hier alleen maar mooie herinneringen aan over. Mauritianen zijn super vriendelijk, vanaf het begin zullen zij er alles aan doen om het je thuis te laten voelen op hun eilandje. En daarvoor moet ik ook Alumno Astralis bedanken voor de uitstekende stageplaats en verblijfplaats. Alles was uitstekend geregeld, waarvoor dank! Als laatste: Alsde ooit de kans krijgt om naar Mauritius te gaan, twijfelt er geen seconde over want het wordt gewoon een tijd om nooit te vergeten! Bedankt iedereen!

    Hristo Arabadzhiyski (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

    Hristo Arabadzhiyski ( Bulgaria ) Although I returned from Mauritius months ago I keep remembering those unique moments, I had there, with such nostalgia.
    My stay on the subtropical island was among the most exciting experiences I had ever had. I set off driven by adventure, and adventure I found, along with invaluable life lessons and enrichment.
    The work placement, for my education in Communication / Graphic Design was excellent. A small and friendly studio but with a strong team, ambitions and room for learning and achievements. I am so happy to have made friends with the team and to still keep in touch with it.

    I do believe one day I would visit Mauritius again – I can’t help but feel it as a second home.

    Thank you Alumno Astralis, for making all that possible!

    Daniel van der Heijden (Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

    I chose to go to Mauritius to have a valuable internship for my Tourism Management Studies to practice my foreign languages (french / english) and to enjoy the best conditions for surfing / windsurfing. Wise decision!
    Lived in Mauritius for 8 months, first in Flic en Flac, later with a local friend in the south. I had an amazing time with a challenging placement, great parties and perfect wind and waves for the weekends on the water. The weather is just perfect down there, although the summer can get really hot and humid. Life-changing experience, definitely worth trying!

    Bas & Matthijs Maas & Koreman (Blue Bay / Amsterdam, Mauritius)

    It is amazing here. We’ve been here for 6 months working at the Airport of Mauritius, for our Aviation Studies. Too short to experience the entire country!

    We’ve written several blogs about it!

    Tischler Tanja (Kempten, Germany)

    The possibility to combine learning and getting to know Mauritius appealed to me and so I took the challenge of working abroad and improving my English while enjoying my life on the island. 🙂
    In my estimation the main attraction of living abroad is that there is always something new to discover. Meeting new people getting to know their cultures, the different lifestyles and the geographical diversity of other countries in the world, are the most important and interesting things and let you make great experiences.
    The internship on Mauritius was exactly what i just described – a great experience!
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful time!!

    Die Möglichkeit ‚mich im PR-bereich weiterzubilden‘ und das auch noch auf Mauritius hat mich gereizt und so entschloss ich mich im Ausland zu arbeiten um mein Englisch zu verbessern und gleichzeitig mein Leben zu genießen. 🙂
    Meines Erachtens ist das Beste am ‚im Ausland leben‘, dass man neue Leute trifft, deren Kultur und ‚Lifestyle‘ kennen lernt, sowie auch die geografische Vielfalt der anderen Länder. All das lässt einen tolle Erfahrungen machen, an die man lange zurück denkt.
    Die 6 Monate auf Mauritius waren genau das – eine großartige Erfahrung!!!! Vielen Dank für die schöne Zeit!!

    Albert Vall Llosada (Barcelona, Spain)

    Pongo mi experiencia en Isla Mauricio aqui.

    Fue espectacular la oportunidad que tuve de conocer un pais y una cultura diferente…trabaje en atencion al cliente en un Resort de 5 estrellas, mejore mucho mi ingles, aprendi muchas cosas del oficio, hice muchisimos amigos…La isla es espectacular. Lo unico malo es que despues tienes que volver…Alumno Astralis se porto muy bien y cumplio todo lo que prometio. Doy un 10 a la experiencia!

    I put my experience in Mauritius here.

    It was wonderful, I had the opportunity to meet both different culture and country…I worked as guest relations in a 5 star resort, I improved a lot my english, I learned a lot of things about tourism development, I made a lot of friends…Mauritius is gorgeous. Alumno Astralis did all that they promised. I am giving this experience a 10!

    Floris Teerlink (Groningen, The Netherlands)

    I’ve been in Mauritius for 3 months and there is only one thing I can say: amazing! People in Mauritius are very friendly which helped me in quickly getting friends in and outside the company. It’s a great country and there are lots of places to go out and to have fun during the weekends.

    I would very much like to thank Alumno Astralis for the great experience they have made possible for me in Mauritius for my education Airline Pilot & Management. Alumno Astralis quickly found an internship for me and effectively communicated through mail to make arrangements making it very easy for me to go to Mauritius.

    If I had the chance, I would definitely contact Alumno Astralis again to go back to Mauritius.

    Sytze Bakker (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands)

    From the 1st of August 2010 until the 31 of January 2011 me and my girfriend had the most unforgettable internship on the beautiful Island Mauritius for our education Communication / Graphic Design. Thanks to Alumno Astralis who take care of everything like a visum, internship placement and housing we will never forget these months on Mauritius.

    We can recommend everybody; if you have the change, go to Mauritius with help of Alumno Astralis and you will have the time of your life!

    Joost Verwer (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

    An internship for 20 weeks at a Golf Resort on the magnificent island Mauritius. This was a part of my study Sports Marketing and I’ll never forget this time!
    Thanks to Alumno Astralis!

    Lambrini Nikolaou (Viersen / Venlo, Germany)

    Hello Alumno Astralis Team I am back home and missing Mauritius already. Hope you doing well. I passed my thesis which I wrote in Mauritius and I am very happy. I will come to Mauritius for sure again…it was an incredible time… Merci for everything!

    I studied International Business and Management Studies and worked at the Mauritius Office of a global leading heavy equipment manufacturer with 200.000 employees worldwide. The quality of work was high and the experience I had will be very valuable for my future career.

    Frederik Van der Elst (Herzele, Belgium)

    As a Marketing student at the University College of Ghent I decided to complete my internship at the beautiful island of Mauritius. After an excellent job of the Alumno Astralis team I ended up at the Mauritian market leader in corporate gifts and promotional items. During my internship period, all of my expectations were exceeded. Mauritius has so much to offer! Tropical natural beauty, lovely beaches, the friendly and multicultural population, a pleasant climate, the carefree reggae atmosphere … I recommend all students longing for an unforgettable life experience to take the step. The integration into a different culture, the professional experience, improving your language skills, the friendships and the colleagues made my internship a wonderful time. For those who still hesitate: Mauritius is effectively a paradise island! Many thanks to Alumno Astralis to make this experience possible!

    Als Marketingstudent aan de Hogeschool Gent besloot ik om mijn afstudeerstage op het prachtige Mauritius te voltooien. Na uitstekend bemiddelingswerk van het Alumno Astralis Team kwam ik terecht bij de Mauritiaanse marktleider inzake bedrijfsgeschenken en promoartikelen. Tijdens mijn stagetijd werden al mijn verwachtingen overtroffen. Mauritius heeft zoveel te bieden! Tropische natuurpracht, heerlijke bountystranden, de hartelijke en multiculturele bevolking, het aangename klimaat, het zorgeloze reggaesfeertje… Ik raad alle studenten die verlangen naar een onvergetelijke levenservaring aan de stap te nemen. De integratie in een andere cultuur, de professionele ervaring, het aanscherpen van de talenkennis, de vriendschappen en de fantastische collega’s maakten mijn stage tot een toptijd. Voor diegenen die nog zouden twijfelen: Mauritius is effectief een paradijseiland! Alumno Astralis, bedankt voor alles!

    Peter Timmers (Alblasserdam / Ede, The Netherlands)

    September 2010 – February 2011: Internship in the marketing communication and branding field, combined with a dissertation, for my Studies in Communication. Had a great time. Wonderful experience to deal with Mauritians and their culture. The people in Mauritius are regularly very kind. The island itself is beautiful. My overall experience with Alumno Astralis is good. Ralco Monasch is a professional and takes his job serious. Nice person to talk with. You can read my stories in Dutch over here:

    Baukje Walsma (Sneek, The Netherlands)

    After 9 months internship in Mauritius from September 2010 till May 2011, I can recommend everybody to experience this great adventure! My internship, for my education Leisure Management, took place at the Head Office of a Luxury Hotel Chain. The Mauritian people are very friendly and willing to help you wherever needed! I like to thank Alumno Astralis for this great experience which I will never forget.

    Tessa Jonker (Groningen, The Netherlands)

    Five months in Mauritius between February and June 2011, was not enough! This amazing Island has a lot to offer and I have had an unforgettable experience in which I developed myself on a personal and professional level for my education Applied Psychology. My internship took place at a Training Centre of a Group of Companies and I have had the time of my life. The Mauritian population is very kind and there is a rich culture. I got to know a large amount of great people and I have seen a lot of beautiful places. Mauritius is a true paradise and offers a lot. Mauritius is worthwhile and I will definitely go back there one day.

    Manpreet Singh (Almere, The Netherlands)

    After doing my internship of five months in 2011 in the Logistics Subsidiary of one of the Leading Mauritian Groups I can say it was a great and worthy internship. It surpassed my expectations that I had in my mind before going to Mauritius. Therefore, I would like to thank Alumno Astralis. Mauritius is a great island as is the population. Mauritians are very kind people although they may look sometimes a bit aggressive. The island is a paradise and I’m not lying! Get all the information about the island from the website of Alumno Astralis. If you require any more kind of information, do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected].

    Mauritius was definitely the best experience I had in my life!

    Margaux Satola (Lille, France)

    May / August 2011: Brand Consultancy Assistant (branding – communication marketing, etc.)
    My 3 months internship in Mauritius was an enriching experience both professionally and personally. I worked in a small structure, which was very beneficial because I had to be flexible and autonomous quickly. In addition, the working environment was very pleasant. My training course was really related to my studies in International Business and I discovered a wonderful country.

    Mai / Août 2011: Assistante en Branding (branding – communication, marketing, etc.)
    Mon stage de 3 mois à Maurice a été une expérience très enrichissante, tant au plan professionnel que personnel. Je travaillais dans une petite structure, ce qui était très bénéfique puisque j’ai du être flexible et rapidement autonome. De plus, l’environnement de travail était très agréable. Mon stage était vraiment en relation avec mes études de Commerce International et j’ai pu découvrir un merveilleux pays.

    Rick den Hartog (Vianen, The Netherlands)

    Mauritius is a great country for an internship. Even outside working hours there is plenty to do on this beautiful island. I will never forget this experience! A must for every student!

    Anazra Mohamed (Paris, France)

    Octobre 2011: Ile Maurice est un endroit paradisiaque! Non seulement c’est une île multiculturelle où il fait bon vivre mais la population est accueillante et très agréable.
    C’est sans aucun doute, l’endroit idéal pour faire son stage!
    J’ai effectuée un stage de 4 mois pour mes études en Finance dans un Cabinet d’audit et d’expertise comptable International, leader sur le marché Mauricien.
    J’ai été emmenée à auditer plusieurs entreprises de secteurs différents (automobile, commercial, touristique etc.), ce qui s’est avéré être très enrichissant pour moi et mes études.
    Merci beaucoup à Alumno Astralis de m’avoir trouvé un aussi bon stage et surtout, de m’avoir permis de vivre une aussi belle expérience.

    October 2011: Mauritius is really a paradise! It is a multicultural island, where life is good and the population welcoming and very pleasant.
    This is definitely the place to do an internship.
    I did 4 months of internship for my studies in Finance in an International firm in audit and accounting.
    I audited several companies in different sectors (automotive, commercial, tourism etc.). This, was very rewarding and related to my studies.
    Thank you very much Alumno Astralis for allowing me to live this great experience.

    Anazra Mohamed, GROUPE INSEEC

    Taisia Ivankina (Irkutsk, Russia)

    I would like to thank the Alumno Astralis company for the great internship I had. It was a really awesome experience that I received in the hotel industry. In addition many thanks for the good accommodation and very hospitable family taking care of me every time. It is a really unforgettable internship that helps me to feel another atmosphere, to discover the culture , to practice a lot and to improve and even learn languages.

    Kind Regards,

    Остров Маврикий прекрасное место для получения хорошего опыта в сфере туризма,а компания Alumno Astralis как раз именно та компания которая способствует наилучшему пребыванию и получению хорошего опыта для русских студентов.От себя хочу сказать большое спасибо так как Ralco Monasch и его команда не только нашли мне отличное место стажировки ,но и поселили меня в замечательной квартире с чудесно гостеприимной семьей. данная стажировка позволила мне приобрести колоссальный опыт работы в отельном бизнесе,улучшить языковые навыки,окунуться в новую культуру и пожрать новое,а так же просто отдохнуть на этом райском острове Маврикий ,сочетающем в себе неописуемую природу, лазурные берега, необъятные горные цепи и микс культур,традиций,языка и необычайно дружелюбных маврикийцев. огромное спасибо за отлично бесценное время проведенное здесь!!!!

    Pep Samblas (Barcelona, Spain)

    Dear Alumno Astralis my time in Mauritius was amazing! First, I have learned a lot in my company, all the employees treated me very well and I felt very comfortable working with them. Secondly, the apartment and the people who lived with me was excellent. I’ve made a lot of friends and every weekend was amazing with them.

    I just want to say thank you for everything! I would like to come back to Mauritius some day!

    Kind Regards,


    Peter Wilming (Drachten, The Netherlands)

    February 2012 Mauritius.

    What a great island, with such beautiful nature, lovely people, and a lot of things to learn. I recommend anyone who would like to do an internship abroad to go to Mauritius!
    Thanks Alumno Astralis , and my internship placement company for arranging everything and making this experience possible.

    Marie Linde (Recklinghausen, Germany)

    July 2012: Thank you to Alumno Astralis for the perfect match with this local NGO on Mauritius. I had a unique chance to work in the field of environmental protection. It was more than perfect. I can only recommend to everybody to do an internship on this beautiful and tropical island where the people are so welcoming and warm hearted.

    Bjorn Trouerbach (Groningen, The Netherlands)

    August 2012: Mauritius was a great experience. The island is beautiful and the people are very nice. My internship here was a unique opportunity and I can recommend it to everyone.

    Mandrew Krikken (Groningen, Netherlands)

    August 2012: I had a great time in Mauritius. Mauritius is really a paradise island. The people in Mauritius are very kind.I also would like to thank Alumno Astralis for the great internship I had which i will never forget.

    Lorella van der Hooft (Amsterdam, Holland)

    February 2013: I have had an amazing experience in Mauritius in the fall of 2012! After contacting Alumno Astralis everything; my internship, my residence permit and the housing has been arranged for me perfectly and I was able to have a fantastic time in Mauritius. My internship was very interesting and I have met so many nice people in Mauritius. This island is amazing and so beautiful, and it’s the perfect place to do an internship!

    IJzermans Maria (Breda, Netherlands)

    My time in Mauritius was awesome! My marketing internship was one of the best and it was interesting to work among people from different cultures. Mauritian people are very friendly and willing to help you with anything. It truly is a paradise and in the weekends there are lots of fun things that you can do. I’d loved it and I definitely hope to go back one day. Maria IJzermans February 2013

    Lars Rorije (Zwolle, The Netherlands)

    February 2013: I had a great time in Mauritius. My graduation project was great and the Mauritian people have treated me very good;) I thank also Alumno Astralis for the good arrangement of all documents housing, etc.

    Yulia Turusheva (Moscow, Russia)

    February 2013: I would like to say a lot of thanks to Alumno Astralis for my experience in Mauritius, it was a fantastic time in my life. Thank you for your good work, for the attention and for your interest! You work very professionaly. I gained a lot of experience. I wish every person to go to Mauritius because Mauritius it’s Paradise!
    Yulia Turusheva, from Moscow, Russia

    Bård Hugo Rynning (Larvik, Norway)

    I currently live in Mauritius and I am having a blast. Alumno Astralis organizes everything from visa internship to accommodation. They are easy to arrange your internship with and they help you out in the beginning with everything necessary. My internship is spot on for my field of study and the Mauritian people are welcoming and friendly. Go for it. Its amazing! Bard from Norway, February 2013.

    Cecilia Calvi (Parma, Italy)

    Alumno Astralis mi ha organizzato lo stage i documenti necessari per il Visto e
    l’ alloggio. Sono rimasta a Mauritius da Settembre 2012 a Marzo 2013. Ho lavorato presso il dipartimento delle Risorse Umane di un grande Resort di nuova costruzione. E’ stata un’ esperienza bellissima sotto ogni punto di vista, grazie a questo stage proseguirò i miei studi nell’ ambito del management alberghiero. Ho conosciuto studenti di tutto il mondo con i quali ho condiviso il mio tempo libero. Ringrazio ancora una volta il Sig. Ralco per tutta l’ assistenza offerta.

    Laura Di Raimondo (Basel, Switzerland)

    April 2013: Just amazing on the whole line! The island the people, the internship,…unforgettable! Thanks for everything!

    Kerstin Niggl (Munich, Germany)

    Mai 2013: Meine Zeit in Mauritius war einfach fantastisch. Sowohl die fremde Kultur/ Lebensweise kennen zu lernen als auch im Ausland zu arbeiten waren einfach unvergessliche Erfahrungen fuer mich die mir fuer mein Leben sehr viel bringen werden. Ausserdem habe ich unglaublich tolle Menschen kennengelernt, die ich schon jetzt vermisse. Danke fuer die wundervolle zeit 🙂

    Ann-Christin Schäfer (Kaiserslautern, Germany)

    June 2013: My internship in Mauritius was a great experience in many different ways. I had the chance to live in paradise for a few months. I met very kind Mauritians and other interns learned a lot about different cultures and traditions and of course I gained work experience! Mauritius will see me again… Thank you Alumno Astralis for the great internship I had! Will never forget it!

    Eline Depoorter (Gent, Belgium)

    July 2013: I had an amazing time in Mauritius! Everything was arranged perfectly my internship was great and I had a lot of fun with the people there! Mauritius, I will never forget you!

    Rijnaars Maarten (Roermond, The Netherlands)

    September 2013: Sooo fast!! My 5 months in Mauritius felt like only 2 weeks. Such an amazing time and such good friends. I arrived at my apartment and I already forget everything from home. Everything was well arranged. The people at my internship in a construction company were really kind. I gained a lot of new work knowledge and discovered how much fun it is to get to know International Students. New life experience which I will never forget! Thanks Alumno Astralis for all the help.