Testimonials Students in 2008 – 2009 – 2010

Testimonial 5 Star Deluxe Hotel Internship Mauritius

Starting Point:
I was looking for an internship of 5 months that had to be completed in relation to my third year of study. The internship had to be in any management field, as the study I am doing covers all management aspects. I especially required something to do with children, as in the past I have had a lot of experience with children, something in events, or something in a hotel due to the fact that my study abroad is focused on the hospitality industry.

Alumno Astralis:
Alumno Astralis somewhat does everything for you. It searches for an internship in relationship to your specified request. It also looks for housing, this is really a plus point as in a way you are guaranteed a place to stay the moment you arrive in the foreign country. Furthermore if more people are doing there internship in the same country it is nice to live together as you meet new people directly. Alumno Astralis also has a pick up service from the airport which is handy also.

The internship:
My particular internship was divided into two parts. My first two months were spent in the marketing department. This sector of a hotel in Mauritius is really interesting. This is due to the fact that the hotels here work in connection with tour operators. In addition the hotel provides different rates in relation to the country in which the hotel is being sold in. I was mostly responsible for contracting, eductours, checking that the information on the brochure was correct etc…
The other sector I was placed in was quality management. This sector was a real challenge as the hotel did not have HACCP system introduced, so that was one of tasks, to set up the system. Furthermore I will be organising excel sheets for the guest comments etc.

I have learnt a great deal in the hospitality environment. Furthermore, the importance of marketing for a hotel, the important of quality management in a deluxe hotel, and the importance for the employees to understand the concept of a HACCP system.
Sabine Schoen, the Netherlands – 2008

Testimonial Tour Operator Internship Mauritius

Starting Point:
I was looking for a challenging marketing/ PR internship at a entertainment or tourism organisation.
The Internship Company:
I have worked at a leading Destination Management Company in Mauritius. The company owns and manages a number of Mauritius tourism activities, ranging from inbound tour, groups, incentive and cruise ship services, up-market personalized exclusive service, car hire, outbound travel and self catering accommodation.
The company has a team of over 560 qualified and experienced staff of which approximately 200 are at the office in Port-Louis. There are, also, representation offices in the UK, Italy and Spain.

The Internship:
My internship was at the Groups and Incentives department. During my time there, the main focus was on the project assignment. For my main assignment I had to review, analyse and asses the existing product portfolio of the offer for Overseas Corporate Incentive Buyers since the portfolio was getting out of date. After this, research had to be carried out and a new portfolio of products had to be developed taking into account the specifics of each market (UK, France, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Spain, background, age etc.). Finally, I redesigned the Incentive brochure with different formulations and presentations of the reviewed products. Besides this, I worked along with the staff and handled a side assignment, the company presentation at major trade fairs (like EIBTM, Sea trade).

I have learned and seen how this leading Destination Management Company in Mauritius operates and handles big groups and events from the beginning till the end. I have improved my English communication skills and my overall level of English and French has improved a lot as well. Besides my experience at the internship company, I have learned a lot about myself, the Mauritian culture and the way of living there. It was a great experience and adventure to live and work in a completely different culture on the very beautiful island of Mauritius!
Suzanne van der Veeken, The Netherlands – 2009

Testimonial Marketing Internship Heavy Equipment Distributor Mauritius

Starting Point:
I studied IBMS (International Business and Management Studies) and I was looking for a company where I could write my bachelor thesis. I was looking for a company which offered me a problem which I could solve in the 5 months internship. Alumno Astralis found this company exactly fitting to my expectations. The company was used to students, very professional and helpful with the additional administrative stuff.

Alumno Astralis:
Alumno Astralis does everything what an agency is responsible for. It is not the substitute for a nanny. If you decide to go to Mauritius then you have to be aware of all aspects such a trip include, from culture to geographic. Still, Alumno Astralis is always available and will help you in any urgent case. The opportunities this agency offers are unique and they ensure that you will work in a quality company that AA selects for you. Moreover, the agency accompanies you from the day you register with them till your first working day, which is very helpful. I suggest everyone to choose AA because of my experience and the overall processes I went through in Mauritius.

The internship:
My internship project was at the Mauritius Office of a Leading Equipment Manufacturer, with 200.000 staff worldwide, to analyse the customer satisfaction. I had to analyse customer needs, experience and expectations. I had a company supervisor and a mentor. Both were responsible for me and supported me with any task. The company gave me full responsibility for the project. I was given the freedom to decide about the project procedures, timeframe and development. The supervisor and mentor controlled my deadlines. Overall the internship was very good and had the European quality standards of work.

I will make it short and simple because this counts more than any study competence you can reach during your education! “I had the experience of my life. Every day was a challenge and a gift.”
Lambrini Nikolaou, from Germany, 2010