Role: Involved in Quality Department
Profile: Laboratory School, English

This is an internship for students that learn how to analyze food products. The company produces tuna and needs to guarantee the quality of their product by testing the product.

Role: Participating in daily activities in Diet / Kitchen / Housekeeping Department
Profile: Facility Management

The student will work in the kitchen department of the hospital and learn about the running of a kitchen in the medical sector.

Role: HR department, Business Development department & Hospital Departments
Profile: Depending on the Department, Medical Students, Nursing Students

Internship Various Hospitals Mauritius Indian Ocean We have different options in several hospitals in Mauritius. Students can work in the HR department, in Business Development (Medical Tourism) and of course in the Medical side as well. We also have options for facility managements students (hospital operations) and for dietists.

Role: The Center of Podiatry welcomes Podiatry Students from around the World to share their vision and teach them their knowledge.
Profile: Podiatry Student

Podiatry Student Internship Stage Praktikum Mauritius IM AA 1204 - Podiatry Student Internship Stage Praktikum Mauritius A Company that offers Podiatry care (Foot care and Biomechanical exams) around the Island. Three Podiatrist and they have different places of Consultations around the island. They make their own Insoles and Orthotics in their Lab and they have special interest in Diabetics and Sports. It’s a young team and all the Podiatrist work in association with other Therapist (Physio, Chiro, Doctors, Massage Therapist..) in…