Role: Involved in Quality Department
Profile: Laboratory School, English

This is an internship for students that learn how to analyze food products. The company produces tuna and needs to guarantee the quality of their product by testing the product.

Role: Involved HACCP process
Profile: Facility Management, Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, French

This hotel is implementing HACCP and is looking for a student that can help with the implementation and improvement of the quality of the hotel.

Role: Customer survey & Market research in heavy machinery market in Mauritius
Profile: Marketing, International Business

The student will mainly work in the market research; how to maximise the business of distributing machines in Mauritius. What are the customers looking for? Are they happy withe the product and the after sales service of the company?

Role: Back office export sales
Profile: Business, English, and another European language

This is an internship in one of the companies of a textile group. You will be working either for a knitwear company or for a shirt manufacturer, dealing with the customers in Europe and in the USA.

Role: Improve Efficiency of the Supply Chain
Profile: Technology Management; Logistics ; Facility Management Students

Internship Supply Chain Production Company Mauritius We have several possibilities for Technology Management Students. Our students work in companies that produce food & beverages, in textile companies and in other production companies. Students are involved in the improvement of the production, supply chain and often also in the warehousing and distribution side of the business.