Quality Internships‏

Role: Programming & implementing software
Profile: IT students

This is an internship at an ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning)company in Mauritius. They distribute and implement ERP software at the local companies in Mauritius and the student takes part in the software implementation at the clients.

Role: Sales & Marketing of premium beers
Profile: Marketing & Business students

IM 918 - Internship Marketing & Sales department of a brewery company in Mauritius This is one of the leading companies in Mauritius. They produce and distribute many different beer products and the student will work on the marketing strategy of one of the brands. They often introduce new products as well and the students will be involved in the introduction campaign of new beverages for the Mauritian Market. IM 918 - Stage département Marketing & Sales d'une société de…

Role: Sales & Marketing of the company's products in Europe
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism Management

This companies organises sport events in Mauritius for clients in Europe. They have many running events that are being sold to customers in France, UK, Germany, Holland etc. This company sells the event + hotel + flight to the participants and the student is involved in the marketing, promotion and organisation.

Role: Involved in Export to Europe
Profile: Media & Entertainment Management

This company organises big weddings, pop concerts and other big events in Mauritius. They also manage the sound and lighting equipment for the events. The student is involved in the organisation of the events as assistant to the event producer. There will be also sales to the overseas customers.

Role: Involved in Export to Europe
Profile: Business, Languages

This companies exports a lot of its products to Europe and the student will work in the export department where they can use their European Languages.

Role: Project Management Construction Industry
Profile: Building Engineering, Civil Engineering

This is an internship in project management for construction sites. The student will work alongside the project manager, to manage the building site on behalf of the client.

Role: Guest Relations
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, English, Native Russian, Native German, Native Spanish

This resort looks for students for their guest relations department, that can help assist the guests of the hotel either in native Russian, in native German or in native Spanish. These internships are available the whole year round.

Role: Involved in Quality Department
Profile: Laboratory School, English

This is an internship for students that learn how to analyze food products. The company produces tuna and needs to guarantee the quality of their product by testing the product.

Role: Involved HACCP process
Profile: Facility Management, Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, French

This hotel is implementing HACCP and is looking for a student that can help with the implementation and improvement of the quality of the hotel.

Role: Assistant Sales Manager
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, Business, Event Management, French

The internship focuses on selling events to the local market for dinners, drinks, presentations and conferences for local companies. The student will work alongside the sales manager.