Role: Sales & Marketing of premium beers
Profile: Marketing & Business students

IM 918 - Internship Marketing & Sales department of a brewery company in Mauritius This is one of the leading companies in Mauritius. They produce and distribute many different beer products and the student will work on the marketing strategy of one of the brands. They often introduce new products as well and the students will be involved in the introduction campaign of new beverages for the Mauritian Market. IM 918 - Stage département Marketing & Sales d'une société de…

Role: Involved in Export to Europe
Profile: Business, Languages

This companies exports a lot of its products to Europe and the student will work in the export department where they can use their European Languages.

Role: Involved in corporate services for big corporate clients
Profile: Finance, Business

We have internship options at different trust companies in Mauritius. The student will learn how the operations are managed from the office in Mauritius for foreign corporate clients that use Mauritius for its tax system.

Role: Customer survey & Market research in heavy machinery market in Mauritius
Profile: Marketing, International Business

The student will mainly work in the market research; how to maximise the business of distributing machines in Mauritius. What are the customers looking for? Are they happy withe the product and the after sales service of the company?

Role: Back office export sales
Profile: Business, English, and another European language

This is an internship in one of the companies of a textile group. You will be working either for a knitwear company or for a shirt manufacturer, dealing with the customers in Europe and in the USA.

Role: Business Development
Profile: International Business , English, and another European language

This company has been around for 10 years and is looking to expand further in Europe and elsewhere, offering its offshore services in Mauritius to its clients. International Business students with an interest in finance are most suitable.

Role: Assistant Marketing Manager
Profile: Business / Marketing / PR, English, French

Sales & Marketing Assistant, selling the hotel to tour operators, mainly in Europe.

Role: Product Development
Profile: Finance students, Management students, Marketing students Insurance students

Internship Leading Insurance Company Mauritius This is an internship at one of the leading insurance companies in Mauritius, involved in the development of new insurance products for the Mauritian Market.

Role: Work on Research and Development to increase Market Share.
Profile: Logistics Students

[caption id="attachment_2434" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius[/caption] Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius   IM AA 1023 - Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius The student will be working in the sales department of this logistics company and work on research and development to increase market share. Assist in marketing our freight forwarding service Ensure that request for quotations are answered within 24 hours Help to grow its market share Ensure that freight files are handled and completed as per company…

Role: Support with day to day activities
Profile: Management / Business / Finance / Accountancy Students

[caption id="attachment_2470" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Internship Stage Praktikum Management Company Mauritius[/caption] Internship Stage Praktikum Management Company Mauritius   IM AA 1113 - Internship Stage Praktikum Management Company Mauritius This is a reputable Management Company licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius and provides services such as: 1. Tax structuring 2. Formation and administration of Offshore Companies 3. Formation and administration of trusts 4. Fund administration services 5. Accounting services 6. Tax compliance services The portfolio of clients includes high net worth…