Role: Personal Assistant
Profile: Business, Logistics, English, French

The student will be working as the personal assistant of the logistics manager of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Mauritius. This way the student will be actively involved in all day to day logistics operations of the company. French will be very helpful!

Role: Improve Efficiency of the Supply Chain
Profile: Technology Management; Logistics ; Facility Management Students

Internship Supply Chain Production Company Mauritius We have several possibilities for Technology Management Students. Our students work in companies that produce food & beverages, in textile companies and in other production companies. Students are involved in the improvement of the production, supply chain and often also in the warehousing and distribution side of the business.

Role: Work on Research and Development to increase Market Share.
Profile: Logistics Students

[caption id="attachment_2434" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius[/caption] Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius   IM AA 1023 - Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius The student will be working in the sales department of this logistics company and work on research and development to increase market share. Assist in marketing our freight forwarding service Ensure that request for quotations are answered within 24 hours Help to grow its market share Ensure that freight files are handled and completed as per company…

Role: Assisting with the import and export of cosmetics products
Profile: Business students and Logistics students

Internship Logistics Department Cosmetics Company Being involved in the day to day running of the logistics department with focus on the import and export.