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Role: The operations support intern will be responsible for the tasks in the additional information
Profile: Master in Computer Science Student

Operations Support Internship in International Organisation Port Louis

Under the direct guidance and supervision of the Head of the Operations Unit, the Operations Support Officer (Intern) will be responsible for the following general duties and tasks:
1. Design, configure and update Support configuration of the SharePoint intranet-in-a-Box (IIAB) solution to suit the local needs
– Collect and upload documents on the intranet and ensure central listing of Standard
Operating Procedures (SOPs)
– Collect documents and update contents of the internet site
2. System administration support
– Support in the management of the Shared Services provider solutions
– Provide daily system administration support, operation and maintenance for both the intranet and the internet sites
– Develop user and administrators guide for both sites
3. Standard Operating Procedures
– Participate in reviewing of business processes to streamline and improve existing business processes
– Document existing and new business processes in graphical forms (using MS Visio)
4. E-registry
– Use the existing intranet solution to explore the implementation of an e-registry system for the office
– Work on the implementation plan for the implementation of an e-registry system

QUALIFICATIONS: Education, Experience, Communication and Language
5. Education and technical experience
– Has completed a bachelor degree in computer science and currently enrolled in Master degree programme
– Good working knowledge of computing and communications technologies, including Web-based development, database systems, workflow technologies and internet/intranet technologies
– Experience with the following tools: SharePoint Server, Visual Studio, Sharepoint Designer IIS; SQL Server; Windows Server, Joomla
– Experience with the development of Web Services and SharePoint
6. Key Competencies
– Capacity to work in a multi-cultural environment
– Strong analytical and organizational skills
– Very good interpersonal skills
7. Languages
Communication in English, French can be an advantage.

Interested students must send the following documentation:
a) a duly completed internship application form” ;
b) a copy of his/her most recent resume or curriculum vitae;
c) a letter from his/her university confirming current enrollment and graduation date;
d) a copy of his/her school transcript;
e) a letter of endorsement from a senior faculty member who has directly supervised the student in the recent past and who is fully acquainted with the student`s performance; and
f) a brief paper setting out the reasons why he/she is seeking an internship and what is expected from the experience.
The candidate must not have graduated prior to the beginning of the internship