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Role: Survey the Railway Heritage Sites and produce detailed drawings of these Sites
Profile: Architecture Student

Architecture Survey Internship on the Mauritian Railway

General Background
The project for which the internship is offered is of national scale. It concerns the Railway
National Heritage sites of Mauritius. The aim of the project is to restore these old (often
derelict) sites to turn them into socio-cultural hubs.
The Intern will have the responsibility to:
1. Survey the heritage sites and produce detailed drawings of these sites.
2. Research relevant historical information (photos, plans, relevant literature) to help
the restoration of the sites
3. Assist in the design and preparation of concept and developed architectural
Ideal candidate’s profile:
1. Student in his 3rd year of studies as a minimum
2. Autonomous in his work
3. Valid driving licence (the student will have to move by car in order to travel to and from
the sites)
4. Fluent in Autocad or any CAD drawing software convertible to Autocad format.
5. Fluent in presentation images photoshop or other in 3D. (3D is not indispensable)
6. Model Making
7. Critical mind and good humour.
– The Company will provide necessary support in terms of guidance and follow up.
General Condition:
– All data and work done in the framework of this internship will be the sole property of the company