Quality Internships‏

Role: Being involved in receiving corporate groups from Europe
Profile: Leisure Management, Event Management

The student will work in the Incentive Department of one of the leading tour operators in Mauritius. The department sells incentive travel to mainly European Corporate Customers. The student will learn about all the tourist events in Mauritius.

Role: Helping in the operation a modern hospital in Mauritius
Profile: Facility Management

This is a new hospital that has been operating for several years. The student will assist the operation manager with day to day operations.

Role: Participating in daily activities in Diet / Kitchen / Housekeeping Department
Profile: Facility Management

The student will work in the kitchen department of the hospital and learn about the running of a kitchen in the medical sector.

Role: Working in the load office & working on emergency plan
Profile: Aviation Engineering, Facility Management, Airline Pilot & Management

Internship at a ground handling company offering services to multiple international airlines. Starting as flight dispatchers within the operational department. Working in various departments of the company, namely the quality and safety department and load control. Updating company policies and procedures to an international IATA standard. Assisting the management with the emergency response procedures, setting up of job profiles and doing job interviews, preparing procedures for aircraft cleaning and performing company flight handling audits.

Role: Develop new tours
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, Event Management

Being involved in organising new eco tourism activities in Mauritius.

Role: Involved in corporate services for big corporate clients
Profile: Finance, Business

We have internship options at different trust companies in Mauritius. The student will learn how the operations are managed from the office in Mauritius for foreign corporate clients that use Mauritius for its tax system.

Role: Customer survey & Market research in heavy machinery market in Mauritius
Profile: Marketing, International Business

The student will mainly work in the market research; how to maximise the business of distributing machines in Mauritius. What are the customers looking for? Are they happy withe the product and the after sales service of the company?

Role: Assisting Brand Manager
Profile: Marketing, International Business

The student works closely with the brand manager to assist in the sales and marketing of the consumer products. The clients are mainly the hotels in Mauritius.

Role: Working in the Accounts Department & being involved in the preparation of the busy Christmas period
Profile: Finance, Business

Many companies have a very busy Christmas season. Often students are very useful to support their activities during the Christmas Peak Season. We have various internships in this field, mainly in the drinks industry.

Role: Involved in the daily activities of the Housekeeping & Rooms Division Department & improving communication between these two departments
Profile: Facility Management, Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School

The student works on managerial level and will find ways to improve the housekeeping of the hotel. How to work quicker, more efficient, more customer friendly etc.